Staff Augmentation

Through our IT Staff Augmentation service you are able to hire remote developers to your teams in an easy and cost effective manner. You get a dedicated full or part-time developer or team without the long and time consuming recruitment process. Although these developers are your temporary employees, they are fully integrated to your team. This means they will attend your meetings if needed and respond to your managers.

At 300 Softwares we consider Staff Augmentation as a partnership rather than a service. We don’t only offer the extra staff you need, but we build a relationship that is mutually beneficial - if you succeed, we succeed!

We interview and select highly qualified developers in Brazil that work with different technologies and have multiple and/or specific skills. According to your needs, we select the best fit developers that will fill in the temporary gap in your organization or project. This is when the magic is done - we carefully match your needs and our developers strengths, which results in a powerful partnership that takes your software to the next level.

Our process



We listen to your needs and plans



We evaluate the key points of the project and offer the best matches from our team


Team assignment

You select and approve the team members that will integrate your project


Final agreement

That’s when we close the deal. We agree on fees and terms for the job



Your new team members are ready to start working and make your project come true!


  • High quality of IT professionals in Brazil - the high investments from the government in student aids and technology in addition to the tech parks and accelerators in the country have risen the quality of Brazilian tech professionals
  • Reduced recruitment time process - you don’t have to waste your time with searching, interviewing, screening, training. We do that for you!
  • Cost-Effective Solutions - you don’t have to invest time and money on the hiring and training process. You get pre selected developers with the skills you need. Plus, you don’t have to worry about downtime and employment costs as the fees will be pre-arranged for that specific project or task.
  • Timezone Aligned - most of our partners are based in the US, so we are available from East to West coast timezones, which makes it easier to communicate, join meetings and collaborate.
  • Flexible solutions - wether you need a developer for long project or a small one, a specific skill or a combination of many, one person or a team - we are here to help in any of those cases.